Guy Explains Perfectly Why The Big Bang Theory Is Absolutely Awful


The Big Bang Theory is an incredibly popular show – but that doesn’t make it good.

The show is kind of hard to escape if you watch a normal television, it feels like it is literally always on at least one of the channels.

It’s pretty harmless as TV goes, but maybe that’s what makes it so bad, it’s harmlessness. The show sort of blands its way into our lives.


Not quite detestable enough to change the channel but not entertaining enough to tune in for.

Its success has also arguably been its biggest downfall as with over 230 episodes under its belt – and at least one more season planned – the jokes are running out of steam.

Twitter user Lyle McDouchebag illustrated this beautifully:

Perfectly encapsulating how the The Big Bang Theory has lost its way.

The joke here, is not really a joke at all and instead just a list of vaguely nerdy things:

The fate of Doctor Who’s Tardis will be decided by a Game of Thrones inspired death match on the battlefield of Thundercats versus Transformers.

This is one of the things that always grated with The Big Bang Theory, they’re always trying to reference ‘nerd culture’, but also appeal to the mass audience that the show has, so the references feel token and flat.

And yet it is a bankable and safe show for TV channels so it has somehow limped along for 10 whole years.