Guy Recreates Entire Simpsons Intro Using Only Stock Footage

by : Daniel Richardson on : 03 Feb 2021 17:34
Guy Recreates Entire Simpsons Intro Using Only Stock FootageDisney/MattHighton/Twitter

The introduction to The Simpsons is iconic and instantly recognisable. Now, a Twitter user has recreated the entire opening of the show using only stock footage. 

Over the course of thirty years, The Simpsons have been reimagined and re-tooled whether its in film form, memes or even Lego. However, Twitter user Matthew Highton may have had one of the most inspired ideas when he decided to recreate the opening of the show with stock footage.


The result is a surprisingly accurate video that shows plenty of creativity. As a result, people across the internet have already begun congratulating Highton.

Check out the fun video below:

Perhaps the most impressive part of the video is that it only took the filmmaker one day. Highton evidently ignored the sage advice of Homer Simpson, ‘If something is hard to do, it’s not worth doing,’ and managed to edit together a strangely satisfying video.


Of course, not every shot could be found through stock footage, and there are slight edits to the opening. One of the most notable is that Homer does not carry an inanimate carbon rod in his back before throwing out on to the street for Bart to skate over. Nonetheless, a sleepy man in a car pretty much captures the feeling of the short scene.

This Simpsons video seems like a day well spent, and Highton has also linked his comedic work alongside the tweet. Let’s hope the comedian’s work gets the same love that this inspired take on The Simpsons opening has.

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