Guy Ritchie Humiliated By Graham Norton’s Response To ‘Homophobic’ Comment


Cockney hardman connoisseur, Guy Ritchie, may have street smarts but he sure isn’t great when it comes to chatting on TV.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show last night to chat about upcomming film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Ritchie got a little bit lost in a soliloquy about how much he just loves David Beckham.

To be fair it wasn’t totally out of the blue as Becks does feature in the film – if only for a very short period at that.

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The peak of Ritchie’s confession of love was when he made the collosal fuck up of saying he goes to same gay gym as Dave providing Graham Norton with enough fuel to burn away at Ritchie for the entire show.

Putting himself in the shit, Ritchie said of his relationship with Beckham:

Our kids go to the same school and we go to the same pub… and we go to the same sort of gay gym.

Noticing his time to shine, Graham explained that it’s just a gym. ‘The gay is silent’, he said.


At that moment, Ritchie seemed to realise the error of his ways and his cheeks went from a peachy white to beetroot red in seconds.

But he didn’t help himself – adding:

So one thing led to another as they do in ‘gyms’. I’ve done a couple of commercials with him [Beckham]. I love him. He’s such a lovely guy and it just made sense, one thing led to another.

Come on Guy – you’re digging such a hole for yourself. And everyone watching noticed too…

Good luck with the movie launch, Guy.