Guy Tells Public That Seth Rogen Is Dead, While Seth Rogen Records It


You’d think you’d be able to spot Seth Rogen, AKA Hollywood actor and comedy king, on the streets of New York, but apparently, for these locals, it’s a lot harder than you think…

Entertainment Weekly reported that TV presenter Billy Eichner roamed the streets of the Big Apple, telling the general public that Seth Rogen had died.

But the skit, hilariously titled ‘Death Rogen’, had a twist – Seth was actually there the whole time, filming everything – and people’s reactions are priceless.


The responses ranged from people having no clue who he is, to outbursts of shock, particularly when Seth was revealed to the unsuspecting public posing as the cameraman.

Some people declared their undying love for the Sausage Party star and some guy even wondered if the actor had died of AIDS.

One woman seemed to praise the presenter for his joke-cracking skills over the world famous actor, even saying she thought he was ‘way funnier’ and Seth ‘isn’t funny at all’.

Take a look at the cringeworthy footage: 

I don’t know about you but when the presenter revealed Seth to the woman who said she didn’t like him, I can’t recall seeing a more awkward moment.

Another great response came when a couple were asked what Seth would be remembered for, only for them to reply: “Being a hairy Jewish bear.”

At one point things took a dramatic turn when the star admitted he would even have a threesome with the couple….


It’s good to know that one of our favourite funny guys is still alive, but here’s an eulogy to him from one of the passers-by:

He was a great guy, gone too soon.

Kind words. It’s good to know that he will be sorely missed.