Guy Who Had Epic Breakdown On ‘Come Dine With Me’ Speaks Out

Channel 4

Ronnie Pickering eat your heart out.

If you haven’t already seen, Peter Marsh seems to have topped Ronnie Pickering’s outburst after his bizarre rant on Come Dine With Me went viral last night.

Channel 4

It’s fair to say the outspoken salesman lost his shit after realising he had come in last place in last night’s episode of the Channel 4 show, in which he branded another contestant fat and claimed another gave him food resembling a ‘plate full of vomit’.  Ouch.

The show is normally renowned for some pretty mean comments from contestants who are determined to bag the £1,000 cash prize and should probably more suited to the name ‘Come Round My House And Slag Of My Cooking’. It’s just not catchy enough unfortunately…

Channel 4

After finding out he’d scored the lowest score, he told his guests:

You ruined my night completely just so you could have the money. I hope now you will spend it on getting some lessons in grace and decorum because you have all the grace of a reversing dump trunk without any tyres on!

His bemused guests didn’t really know what to say, before Charlotte said: “I don’t get it.”

This didn’t go down well with our host, who then shouted at her: Well, you wouldn’t would you? Let’s be honest, there’s nobody in there, love.” Before neatly rounding off his rant with: “So Jane, take your money and get off my property!”

Channel 4

His fellow diners, Jane, Adam and Charlotte were left completely stunned by his comments.

Defending his ill-informed rant, Pete said to The Mirror: “What’s shown is not all that happens and people will believe what they’re shown.” He went on to add that he’d had hundreds of people contact him on Twitter and has now had to lock down his account to avoid further arguments. Wise move.

Just watch this glorious rant here, you won’t be disappointed.