Guy Whose Date Walked Out On Him Gets Perfect Revenge

Channel 4

The entire UK was horrified when the date from hell, aka Jade from First Dates, ditched her date without telling him or paying.

The princess’ behaviour went from bad to worse as she tried to steal food from poor 19-year-old Lewis’ plate, took phone calls at the table, and threatened him if he chose to order rabbit.

Lewis, who was ‘younger but more mature’ than Jade was left sitting at the table alone…which he probably preferred to be fair.

Prepare to be outraged…

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Lewis deserved a second chance and appeared on yesterday’s show, taking the ultimate revenge on Jade…being his normal self, unfazed and undeterred by her behaviour.

There’s been justice for Lewis after he found his match in the much more polite Lauren.

He and Lauren hit it off and actually left with her in his arms.

Channel 4 / First Dates

Everyone on Twitter was overjoyed Lewis finally got the date he deserved.

You can check out his date with Lauren in the clip below:

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One of Jade’s favourite philosophies was, she always gets what she wants, when she wants.

With an attitude like that, it’s no surprise she can’t get someone to voluntarily commit to her romantically.

Yes! #Justice4Lewis.