Guy’s Excuse For Why He Failed Jeremy Kyle Lie Detector Test Is Brilliant


Jeremy Kyle will be outraged to hear that his infamous lie detector test can be beaten with a bottle of Pernod, according to a contestant.

Pernod, the strong anise flavour spirit which has an ABV of 45 per cent, was blamed by Dean Gold for him failing the lie detector.

Dean, from Hull, wanted to clear his name after his partner of six years, Kayleigh, accused him of cheating.

The episode he features in was filmed last Wednesday, and he has spoken out about how he only failed the test because he had a heavy night of drinking Pernod before appearing on the show.

Dean told the Hull Daily Mail:

I need to clear my name and let everyone know I am not a cheat. The Jeremy Kyle Show is tearing my family apart.

They shouldn’t be allowed to do this. I want them to retest me to show I’m not a liar and I’m not a cheat.

I’ve never even had a one night stand.


Dean has informed the experts on the ITV show that he was under the influence of amphetamines (synthetic stimulants) and alcohol before he took the test.

Dean went on to say:

I’m not a raging druggy but I am what I am, and sometimes I take amphetamines, but that doesn’t make me a cheat.

We went to The Jeremy Kyle Show to save our relationship for the sake of our kids but it’s just made it worse. We were offered family counselling but we were already having that. I just want to prove I’m not a cheat.

Cheating is not in my nature and this is breaking me down. I may go off fishing sometimes, and Kayleigh knows that, but that doesn’t mean I have cheated. I need help to clear my name.

Kayleigh said her ‘heart fell out’ of her when she heard the results and wants a re-test despite a spokeswoman from the show saying the examiner was ‘satisfied with the accuracy of the test’.

The episode with Dean and Kayleigh will air on ITV in about five weeks.