Hackers Take Over HBO’s Social Media Accounts, Threaten Further Leaks


HBO can’t catch a break as hackers took over their social media accounts and threatened them with further leaks.

Just mere moments after the unprecedented leak of the next Game Of Thrones episode, which isn’t meant to air until late Monday morning, HBO’s Twitter handle was commandeered by a group going under the name ‘OurMine’.

It’s assumed this is the same group that has been launching attacks and leaks on the network for the past month. As well as taking over the HBO accounts they gained control over handles for GoT and Westworld too.

Tweeting from the GoT Twitter account, which has since been deleted, OurMine posted:

OurMine are here. We are just testing your security


This was followed by a message attempting to get ‘#HBOleak’ trending.

As well as an episode leak personal details of the GoT stars was also made public.

To say this month has been awful for the HBO staff is a monumental understatement.

According to Mashable the popular network channel, who are well known for producing stellar shows like The Wire, The Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm, have had at least 1.5 terabytes of data stolen.


Release of those documents came yesterday with what the hackers are calling the ‘4th Wave HBO Leak’. The data includes shooting schedules for season two of Westworld and 27 separate ‘shooting [diaries]’ for GoT season seven.

Furthermore in a moment of true ‘incompetence’ HBO Spain accidentally aired next Sunday’s/Monday’s GoT episode.


The motives of the hackers haven’t been officially confirmed but it’s thought that they are holding out for a $6.5 million (just over £5 million) ransom in Bitcoin currency in exchange for not sharing the files.

You’d think for an award winning Television network HBO would’ve sorted out their digital security. Seven Hells.