Halloween Kills Finally Establishes Murderous Connection Between Mike Myers And Michael Myers

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Warning: Contains spoilers for Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills Finally Establishes Murderous Connection Between Mike Myers And Michael MyersNew Line Cinema/Universal Pictures

More than 40 years after we were first introduced to Michael Myers’ murderous ways in Halloween the franchise has finally established a link between the killer and actor Mike Myers. 


Known for his role of goofy playboy and part-time secret agent Austin Powers, or lovable slacker Wayne in Wayne’s World, Myers couldn’t be more different from the villain we’ve come to know and fear through the Halloween films.

Myers’ career took off in the late 1980s and early 90s, by which time Michael Myers had already become a name synonymous with horror, but he managed to set himself apart from the fictional serial killer through comedy. After all, we don’t catch the comedian trying to lure in his victims with one-liners and knock-knock jokes.

Michael Myers in Halloween (Universal Pictures)Universal Pictures

For the following few decades, Myers managed to live alongside the character of Michael with little connecting them other than the similarities between their names and a few tongue-in-cheek fan theories that placed Myers behind the killer’s iconic mask.


The recent release of Halloween Kills has changed that, however, with actor Michael McDonald finally forming a link, albeit tenuous, between the world of the killer and the world of Myers.

McDonald has appeared in a number of titles over the years, including Scrubs, The Heat, and The Happytime Murders as well as multiple Austin Powers movies. According to IMDb, he played ‘Henchman Flattened by Steamroller’ in International Man of Mystery, ‘NATO Soldier’ in The Spy Who Shagged Me and ‘Royal Guard’ in Goldmember.

Though they might not be the biggest roles, his numerous appearances are enough to tie him to Myers’ Austin Powers and create a link with Michael Myers thanks to his role in new film Halloween Kills, in which he plays Little John.

Michael McDonald (Alamy)Alamy

Not only does McDonald appear in both films, but he also has the title of being the only actor to be killed by both Michael Myers and a Mike Myers character, ScreenRant points out, as the steamroller McDonald’s character was flattened by in International Man of Mystery just so happened to be driven by Powers.

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His demise in the spy film is definitely gruesome, though it is challenged in Halloween Kills as Little John meets an untimely end after being stabbed with a charcuterie knife.

Being ‘the guy who gets killed’ isn’t exactly the most delightful link between the two, but it’s the closest we’ve managed to get in 40+ years, so we’ll take it.


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