Harrison Ford Savaged Ryan Gosling In The Best Possible Way On Graham Norton


Harrison Ford is a cinema legend but at 75-years-old his time in the limelight should be being usurped by younger actors like 36-year-old hearthrob Ryan Gosling – but Ford still hasn’t received Hollywood’s ageist memo.

The pair appeared on The Graham Norton Show together to promote their new film Blade Runner 2049 – a sequel to 1982 cult classic Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford.

Harrison savaged his young co-star by repeatedly forgetting Ryan Gosling’s first and second name leaving Gosling embarrassed and everyone else on the sofa creased in laugter:

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Gosling is left defenceless cringing as he confirms his own name over and over in response to Harrison Ford’s glib remarks.

Adding to the embarrassment leading ladies Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie look on laughing at Ford’s brutal denial of Gosling’s mega-stardom.

Speaking from personal experience embarrassing situations are always considerably worse in the presence of attractive people you’re hoping to impress.

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It’s a true masterclass from Ford though, there is nothing more insulting than someone forgetting your name.

It’s just such a brutal denial of your importance in their eyes.


Ford ‘forgets’ Ryan Gosling’s name 5 times in under a minute.



Gosling is at the top of his game right now with painfully cool role after painfully cool role coming his way so there is a certain pleasure in seeing him brought low by a true master of the form.

Blade Runner 2049 is in UK Cinemas 6 October 2017.