Harry Potter Star Jason Isaacs Reveals ‘Decades-Long Love Affair’ With Drugs

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Aug 2020 12:30
Harry Potter Star Jason Isaacs Reveals 'Decades-Long Love Affair' With DrugsPA/Warner Bros.

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs has opened up about addiction and his ‘decades-long love affair’ with drugs. 

The actor and producer, who starred as Lucius Malfoy, has revealed his previous battles with alcohol and drugs, and how he worked to overcome them, in a candid new interview.


The 57-year-old said: ‘I’ve always had an addictive personality, and by the age of 16 I’d already passed through drink and was getting started on a decades-long love affair with drugs.’

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Speaking to The Big Issue for its ‘Letter to My Younger Self’ segment, Isaacs explained that if he were to speak to his 16-year-old self now, they’d most surprised to learn he’s ‘okay… that I manage to find simple happiness in simple things. Not always, not perfectly, but enough’.

The actor, who also starred in The Death of Stalin and The Patriot, discussed the first time he ever got drunk – at the startling age of 12, thanks to a barman ‘we thought at the time was a hero and I now realise belonged in prison’, who managed to sneak him and his friends a full bottle of Southern Comfort.


Isaacs said:

We drank the entire thing in the toilet, then staggered out into the party, reeling around farcically. I vomited, fell on and pulled down a giant curtain, snogged a girl, god bless her… ran out into the street, vomited again, tripped, smashed my head open on the pavement and gushed blood all over my clothes.

The next morning, I woke up with a splitting headache, stinking of puke with a huge scab and the memory of having utterly shamed myself.

Harry Potter Jason Isaacs Lucius MalfoyWarner Bros.

However, at this point, all Isaac ‘could think was… I cannot f*cking wait to do that again. Why? I’ve no idea. Genes? Nurture? Star sign? I just know I chased the sheer ecstatic joy I felt that night for another 20 years with increasingly dire consequences’.


Before getting clean, Isaacs admitted to feeling broken. At one time, he recounted thinking that if every single person he knew died, he ‘probably wouldn’t mind that much’.

The actor explained: ‘In fact, I might like it, because then it would be an excuse to sit in a room by myself and take drugs and everybody else would say, well you know, fair enough, you heard what happened didn’t you?’

If you’d like to read The Big Issue‘s full interview with Isaacs, pick up the latest issue from your local vendor.

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