HBO Finally Drop Full ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer


No, this isn’t clickbait. This is the news you’ve all been waiting for in the television world. The first trailer for Game of Thrones: Season Seven is here and it looks epic.

‘The Great War is here’, claims Jon Snow in the final scene of this brand new trailer suggesting that shit is going to go down – but of course, that’s just what we all want!

Winter isn’t coming – full on catasrophic war is coming to Westeros.


The new trailer seems to suggest that things are getting heated between Cersei and Jamie who are surrounded on all sides by enemies old and new.

The invasion by Daenerys, Jon Snow’s rise to leading the North etc, etc.

However without further ado – sit back relax and check out the trailer below:

Game of Thrones: Season Seven hits HBO on 16 July 2017.