HBO Release Game Of Thrones Mini-Series To Help Your Post Season Blues

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After the final episode of season seven of Game of Thrones aired, fans are at a bit of a loss as to know what to get excited about.

Yet, in their infinite wisdom, the good folks over at HBO have elected to show a mini-series of Game of Thrones awesomeness to tide us over for another few weeks.


The series, called Games Revealed, will be broadcast every week on Mondays and will provide the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making the mammoth show.

This is a perfect way to help get you through those post season seven blues, and will at least shorten the gap between now and the next.

Considering we don’t even know when the next season is making it’s way to our screens, this is all the more welcome.


The first episode is already available on YouTube  and it seems the focus of each episode will be one episode in the series, so at this stage you may assume there’ll be seven in total.


The first episode – which focuses on the first from Game of Thrones season seven, gives fans insight into directing decisions as well as how the massive crew build the amazing sets.

Episode director Jeremy Podeswa even gives great insight into the decision to open the series with that scene, saying:


It’s always interesting when you’re starting a new season and, you know, the question is always: what do you start with?


Podeswa continued:

Are you going to start with something small to kind of ease your way in, or are you going to start with something huge and get it over with and put that behind you.

In this case we start with something really huge.


There’s even a conversation with the subject of the most controversial cameo in Game of Thrones history, Ed Sheeran.


Sheeran reveals he assumed he was going to die when he received the script for his scene, after realising he was a Lannister soldier and would be meeting Maisie Williams’ character Arya Stark.

The video also reveals some nice little pieces of info to make you think a bit more about what goes into the making of the show – like the shooting of Sam’s time in Oldtown.


In a segment titled ‘An Internship From Hell’, they reveal the montage of Sam during his time training to be a Maester actually took over three days to shoot.


Perhaps most incredible is the work which went into the construction of the sets at Dragonstone and the use of location for the arrival there.

Talking about the design of Dragonstone’s huge gates, Peter Dinklage said:

The gates of Dragonstone, it’ll probably be on film for about thirty seconds but so much detail and work went into this set.

Game of ThronesGame of ThronesHBO

It’s certainly not as good as the real thing, but it’s as close to a trip back to Westeros as we’re going to get any time soon.

The first episode is available on YouTube but as for the rest, you’ll have to pay for an HBO subscription!

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