Here Are The Hidden Cameras You Probably Didn’t Spot In The Truman Show

by : Emily Brown on : 22 Jun 2021 13:56
Here Are The Hidden Cameras You Probably Didn't Spot In The Truman Showfilmsforyears/Instagram

The Truman Show is full of hidden cameras designed to capture the star’s every move, but some of them are so well disguised that even the most eagle-eyed fans might have missed them. 

Thankfully, Instagram account @filmsforyears has done the work for us by pointing out a few of the more obscure cameras placed around Truman’s world, everywhere from the magazine stand to his very own hands.


Fans of the film will know it features Jim Carrey in the role of Truman, a man who unknowingly lives in an artificial world filled with actors portraying his friends, co-workers and neighbours for a television show he has no idea he is part of.

Check out the hidden cameras here:


In order to capture Truman going about his day-to-day life, the creators of his show hide cameras in every crevice possible, with @filmsforyears circling them on window frames, town signs, and even on a dustbin being carried by a neighbour.


It becomes clear not all is as it seems in Truman’s world when a stage light crashes to the ground from the sky above, but the show’s dedicated actors do their best to explain it all away, so much so that the character doesn’t even realise the wedding ring he wears each day is actually a camera recording his every move.

Cameras on town sign (@filmsforyears/Instagram)@filmsforyears/Instagram

Instagram users have made clear they’re impressed by all the cameras hidden around the set, with one person responding to the post to say they’d ‘love to rewatch and try and look for these more.’

While it’s easy to miss many of the film’s cameras, there’s no denying the show’s creators were dedicated to catching the right angle.


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