Here’s Everyone From Game Of Thrones Left Of Arya’s ‘Kill List’

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One of the highlights of Game of Thrones Season Six was little Arya Stark finally gaining the skills necessary to begin working on her infamous list.

For those not in the know Arya Stark has a list of names – made up of those who’ve hurt her or her family – who she plans on killing.

In the final episode the now super-powered mystic assassin Arya wrought a terrible revenge on the smug snake Walder Frey tricking him eating his dead sons before slitting his throat.

It was a super satisfying scene that fans have been waiting for ever since the Red Wedding, and has got us pumped to see Arya kicking ass and ‘taking names’ in the future.


Here’s the list of survivors in full and their reason for being on ‘The List’…

Cersei Lannister: Cersei earned her place on the list for her role in the death of her father Eddard Stark and the destruction of the Stark family. As she’s currently the queen of Westeros she may be difficult to kill, especially considering her body guard and a certain prophecy about a ‘little brother’.

Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain: Speaking of Cersei’s undead bodyguard The Mountain was put on the list for leading those who cruelly tortured people at Harrenhal. Unfortunately for Arya we don’t see anyone taking him down soon.


Melisandre: The Red Witch ended up on the list for taking Gendry to Dragonstone and splitting Arya up from one of her few friends.

Interestingly last we heard Mel was banished from Winterfell to the south, this’ll take her through the Riverlands which is where Arya just happens to be…

Ser Ilyn Payne: Payne was the man who chopped off poor Ned Stark’s head which is probably the most cut and dry reason for putting someone on the list.

Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr: Like Melisandre,the leaders of the ‘Brotherhood Without Banners’ took Gendry away from Arya. 

And here’s everyone who was on ‘The List’ but’s now dead…

Joffrey Baratheon: The cruel king earnt his spot on the list when he ordered the deaths of her father and Mycah the butcher’s boy. Thankfully the Queen of Thornes poisoned Joffrey so he’s been crossed off.

Tywin Lannister: Tywin fought against Arya’s brother Robb in the War of the Five Kings which is a no no for Arya, but she was denied her revenge when Tyrion shot his dear dad proving that Lannister’s don’t shit gold.


Ser Meryn Trant: Trant, was a paedophile who ordered the death of her sword tutor Syrio Forel and was dispatched by Arya herself when she slit his throat after mutilating him.

Walder Frey: Walder helped the Lannisters execute the Red Wedding where her family was slaughtered and we’ve already dealt with his horrific death.


 Polliver and Rorge: These brutal murderers were on the list for killing her friend Lommy and threatening to rape her, they got stuck with the pointy end.

And finally we’ve got the hound who occupies a weird space. He was on the list for killing Mycah the butcher’s boy but Arya kind of befriended the stubborn giant.

She didn’t help him when he was seriously wounded though which implies she still wants him dead but lets’s be honest we don’t know! Of course we’ll probably find out who’s getting crossed off next, in Season Seven!