Here’s How Much Money Tom Hardy Has Lost Already This Year


Hollywood is a fickle business, and even when an actor’s stock is up their bank balance may not always reflect their successes.

Case in point is the beloved British star of Inception, The Revenant and The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy.

Recent reports have confirmed the 37-year-old actor lost £2 million on his powerfully dark pet project, Taboo, which he wrote with his father, Edward.


While the narrative of James Delaney, played by Hardy himself, has gripped audiences, the huge budget and high production values have left the actor out of pocket.

Now, a source who has been digging into hardy’s personal finances has revealed that Tom’s reserves in his firm 33 1/3rd – which channels much of his earnings – dropped from £2.8million in 2015 to £696,980 last year.


The snooping source for The Sun said:

Tom is a big spender and these figures prove that. It takes some serious investment to give away more than £2million in 12 months.

Tom’s career is riding high and he isn’t short of offers so he can afford the hit. He has enough cash to keep himself comfortable, and of course there is a chance he may have simply shifted the money from one account to another.

But it’s a big amount and for anyone else would be a worry.


Of course, the actor and father-of-two has declined to comment on his financial affairs. Hardy is awaiting the UK summer release of Christopher Nolan’s war epic Dunkirk, in which he stars alongside – and no doubt carries – Harry Styles.

Meanwhile, amid James Bond casting speculation, we can all enjoy the fruits of Hardy’s labour and investment with Taboo, which is airs every Saturday on BBC One at 21.15.