Here’s How Much The Gogglebox Cast Actually Earn

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Like watching TV? Don’t mind sitting on your couch for long periods of time? Want to know how much you could get paid for it?

The answer? Not a lot.

The wages of the Gogglebox stars have finally been released, and it’s not as much as you may have thought.

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An insider told The Sun that the stars of the series take home just £1500 per family every month of the year.

That’s the equivalent of £100 pound an hour, which is then split between all the members of the family. In exchange for the pay, families have to spend 12 hours (in six hour shifts) every two weeks in front of their TV watching shows.

Six hours of straight television watching.


But it doesn’t come without its perks. Each of the families receive free takeaways to keep them going through each six-hour sitting.

Scarlett revealed this week that she paid off the mortgage on her parent’s house, which – if these figures are anything to go by – definitely didn’t come from her Channel 4 pay cheque.

She said:

My aim is to be able to by me mam and dad a caravan. Cause they’ve always wanted one, but they’re like £20,000, and I really want to be able to buy them one.

And that’s the dream, everyone wants to be able to look after their mama and dad, like they did when they were younger.

I paid off their mortgage off their house for them.

Which means she’s getting one pretty hefty pay cheque outside of Gogglebox.

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Up until 2015, Scarlett worked 9-5 as a disability adviser for students before landing a job as a breakfast radio host for Capital North West.

Earlier this year her autobiography, Scarlett Says, topped the Sunday Times best sellers chart, and she’s also expected to make a small fortune with her soon-to-be-released fitness DVD, SuperSlim Me.

She’s also said to be receiving £70,000 for her time in I’m A Celebrity.

So while the Googlebox stint may not pay much, being on it certainly opens up avenues for a lot of cash.