Here’s Margot Robbie’s Insane Suicide Squad Workout

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Margot Robbie looked undeniably awesome in the summer blockbuster, Suicide Squad, but apparently she had to work extremely hard to look that good in those hotpants. 

Insider reports that the 26-year-old, had just three weeks to get her body into insane shape in order to play the gymnastic anti-hero Harley Quinn.


The Quinn actor’s secret to toned abs and the perfect bum was her personal fitness trainer, who she worked with for three hours a day, every day for three weeks doing intense workouts to get her ripped for the role.

Robbie’s personal trainer, Andie Hecker, recalled:

There’s a scene in Suicide Squad where she changes clothes in front of a bunch of dudes, so her abs needed to be impeccable…And in those tiny shorts Harley wears, her butt was constantly on display.

Robbie had worked with personal trainer Hecker previously, normally ‘four or five times a week for an hour’, but as filming drew closer the 26-year-old Australian decided to go into beast mode.

The workouts Hecker designed for her weren’t for the faint hearted, including intensive bouts of ballet, pilates and ‘non-bulking cardio sessions’.

Such sessions included jump rope, rebounder (trampoline), and ballet jumps.

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Because of Robbie’s costume requirements, ie. ridiculously skimpy hotpants, the emphasis was put on leg and glute work.

Hecker explained:

We did a lot of heavy-weighted, low reps of arabesque pulls hooked up to resistance pulleys, as well as arabesque lifts with heavy ankle weights in order to build and lift the butt.

We also did a ton of side series outer thigh work, targeting outer glutes with high reps and low weights, to pull those muscles in and create a beautiful line from the waist to the upper thigh.

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Hecker described the ballet jumps as ‘surprisingly the most challenging’ form of cardio’ she’s discovered, but had nothing but praise for the star’s hard work and dedication to training

She said:

She was a total trooper. It was very satisfying to see her body change into exactly what she wanted it to look like in such a short time.

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So there you have it, people may say stars have it easy with personal trainers, but Hecker clearly wasn’t treating her client with any leniency.

Hats off to Margot though, she committed to her cause and absolutely nailed it.