Here’s What Scarlett Moffatt Is Spending Her I’m A Celeb Cash On

by : UNILAD on : 06 Dec 2016 08:45

Despite the anti-Scarlett Moffatt train being full steam ahead after fans accused her of fooling the public, the Gogglebox star beat Joel Dommett to take the I’m A Celeb crown.

Now the reigning Queen of the Jungle, Scarlett is set for some ridiculous paycheques with £1 million worth of TV work flooding her way. And with that, she’s already thinking of ways to spend her cash.

Her first stop? A boob job.



She told The Sun:

Now that I’ve lost weight, and my titties are cleaning my shoes, I would like them lifted to where they are meant to be.

It isn’t that it bothers me particularly, but I would just love to be able to not have to wear a maternity bra, and have one that normal people wear.

And that is one thing I’m going to look into next year.

That, and a new caravan for her Gogglebox co-stars and parents, Mark, 50, and Betty, 46.


In Sunday night’s episode, Scarlett managed to hook the public’s support after a Bushtucker Trial saw her stay in an enclosed space with creepy crawlies in order to keep her claustrophobia at bay.

She told Ant and Dec she hoped it would help her conquer her fear of small spaces:

I can feel myself getting upset.

But I feel if I can do this I might finally be able to go in lifts because I was on the 34th floor out here and I walked the stairs because I can’t stand small spaces.


And while her brave performance went quite a way in winning her Queen of the Jungle, some have claimed Scarlett may have gotten carried away with a sob story to win her the crown.

Viewers have since pointed out that the 24-year-old has taken a number of joyful-looking rides in a lift before.

Exhibit A:


So did Scarlett win by deceptive means? Well, Team Joel weren’t happy, calling Scarelett out for lying to gain popularity.

However, whether or not Scarlett lied to win the crown is a minuscule fact when, deep down, we all know that these so-called reality TV shows are staged and edited for our entertainment.

Fans, if you’re really interested in truth-seeking, take up documentary watching instead.

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