Here’s Why Christopher Biggins Has Been Removed From Big Brother

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Christopher Biggins has been officially removed from the ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother house – take a moment to compose yourself if you need to…

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the contestant was apparently moved after consistently causing widespread offense.

It has yet to be confirmed which controversial straw broke the camel’s back, but it has been suggested a highly offensive ‘joke’ was made regarding Nazi concentration camps.

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A spokesperson for the reality show told the Mirror:

Since entering Big Brother, he has made a number of comments capable of causing great offence to housemates and the viewing public.

Big Brother does not tolerate offensive language capable of causing widespread offence. Christopher Biggins has left the house.

Christopher-Biggins-MainChannel 5/Daily Mirror

Biggins had caused outrage among viewers following an episode aired on Monday where he discussed the ‘worst type’ of sexuality with ‘Mob Wives’ star Renee Graziano.

Biggins said in the exchange:

The worst type I’m afraid to say are the bisexuals. What it is is people not wanting to admit they’re gay.

Tonight’s eviction will still go ahead as planned though, with Grant Bovey and James Whale on the chopping block – although quite how Stephen Bear has remained we’re not sure…