Here’s Why People Think I’m A Celeb Is Fixed For Scarlett To Win


Professional telebox watcher and all round good egg, Scarlett Moffatt has been dubbed the one-to-win this year’s Jungle crown.

But some people think ITV may be fixing the reality TV game show, bolstering 26-year-old Scarlet’s already undeniable popularity, which she earned with her quick quips and blue sky thinking on Gogglebox.

According to The Mirror, the show’s producers have been criticised for allegedly scripting some of Scarlett’s lines, and even Ola Jordan’s husband has weighed in – quite unnecessarily IMHO

Other viewers have added fuel to the fire, pointing out Scarlett seems to get a lot more airtime than her fellow jungle residents.

While there might be weight to their protests, to me, this sounds like the playground tactics and high school bleating of haters who assume their own opinion of a person must be reflected by everyone else ever.

Actually, Scarlett has built up a large following of fans – and earned her airtime – with her antics.

Since setting up camp in the jungle, Scarlett has revelled in the hilarity of Bush Tucker Trials, opened up about her theories on time-travel, her crush on Stephen Hawking and admitted she’s paid off her parents’ mortgage.

Scarlett is the celebrity the world needs right now – she’s got my vote for Jungle Queen!