Here’s Why Someone Shouted ‘Mary Loves Dick’ At Dereh Acorah On CBB

Channel 5

Ghost hunter Derek Acorah is used to receiving strange messages – normally ones he can only decipher with the help of his friendly ‘spirit’ pal referred to as Sam. 

His entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother house was no different, when a woman from the crowd was heard bellowing the immortal words, ‘Mary loves Dick!’

No, this wasn’t a Victorian barmaid offering one more raunchy remark from beyond the grave, it was simply a spirited Most Haunted fan, making an absolute belter of a reference to perhaps the most hilarious moment in supernatural television history.

Cast your mind back to the golden age of Most Haunted, when the dream team of Derek, Yvette and of course ‘Sam’ were at their orb spotting best.

As usual, Derek had been chatting away to a deceased former resident – this time it was the turn of a lady ghoul called Mary who was head over heels with a man called Richard.

Of course, his name was shortened to Dick and Yvette just couldn’t cope.

Yvette could be seen trying to mask her sniggers as Derek made the following bold declaration:

She’s got this great love for Dick.

She covered him up…she protected him.

I cannot wait to see what lost, lingering souls Derek will channel in the Big Brother house…