Hidden Emails In Paul Walker’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Reveal Sickening New Details


Porsche has been accused of a cover-up after Paul Walker’s daughter filed a lawsuit claiming the company’s Carrera GTs are dangerous.

In new court documents filed this week, Meadow Walker claimed Porsche Cars of North America ‘improperly redacted’ damaging emails during the 18-year-old’s wrongful death lawsuit against the car company.

One email in particular ‘concealed’ a manager’s statement, Walker said.

The statement – that 200 of the 1280 released Carrera GT’s have been totalled during the model’s first two years – seemingly celebrated the fact that crashes of the car were good for future sales.


The email read:

I thought this might interest you. Another Carrera GT bites the dust as a bodyshop mechanic who claimed he was going less than 30MPH smashed into a telephone pole. Looks like he was going more than thirty to me!!!

I was curious about a statistic that was mentioned to me and if anyone knows if it is accurate. Total worldwide production of the Carrera GT was 1280 and to date over 200 of them were already totalled.

This would be great news to the remaining owners as the GT becomes more rare. Anyone know if these numbers are accurate?

Paul Walker died while riding as a passenger in a Carrera GT that crashed in November 2013.

TMZ reports another email from an employee reacting to the total number of wrecks read: “This is in the back of my head every time I get behind the wheel of one of these. It’s just hidden behind the shit-eating grin!”

Walker’s lawyer said he learned the car company was trying to conceal discussion of ‘totalled’ Carrera GT’s when he switched computers while looking at redacted material from Porsche.

Text that appeared redacted on his PC became visible when he viewed the files on his Mac, according to the paperwork.

Walker’s new filing now states that Porsche tried to redact the emails because it supports her allegation that the car was defectively ‘designed and manufactured’.

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The filing claims Porsche knew it was ‘a dangerous car’ but ‘failed to warn consumers’.

Walker and her lawyer are now asking the judge to impose sanctions on Porsche for deliberately hiding the emails.