Holly Willoughby Accidentally Flashed During A Kids’ TV Show


Flashing a boob on live TV in front of an audience full of kids is the stuff of nightmares, but this is exactly what happened to an unfortunate Holly Willoughby.

Back in the early noughties when Holly was the face of kids TV, she suffered a pretty embarrassing incident according to The Mirror.

During an episode of Ministry of Mayhem (an old CITV kids programme), the TV presenter accidentally flashed her boob directly in front of the cameras.


Not to mention the hoards of over-excited kids watching at the sidelines.

Holly was captured on film forever more, jumping up and down in a little strappy top before her boob accidentally popped out and flashed her nipple to the viewers.

The horror.


She admitted in a recent interview:

That was probably my most embarrassing moment on TV.

Despite her shame, Holly carried on with the live TV show like a real trooper, but has since explained  why she ‘always wears an earthquake-proof bra while on TV now’.

That’s probably for the best Holly.

Here’s the full cringeworthy footage:

Flashing on live TV in front of a room full of kids is definitely up there with the most humiliating TV incidents of all time.

Poor Holly. It was a long time ago, but as we all know, the internet never forgets.