Holly Willoughby ‘Dirty Page Three’ Top Causes Heated Argument


Holly Willoughby got a little hot under the collar during This Morning, when she confronted her fellow presenter about her ‘dirty page three’ top.

Rylan Clark-Neal, the show’s gossip reporter and former Big Brother contestant, was put on the spot by Holly and Phil after he made some brazen claims about the 35-year-old television personality.

According to the segment, Rylan had criticised Holly’s attire, dubbing the Tabitha Webb top she wore ‘dirty’ and ‘page three’.

No one can quite figure out what on earth he meant by those comments; the top itself was an inoffensive rainbow-patterned blouse with – by most standards – a neckline that is really nothing to write home about.

While Rylan’s comments were left field and Holly was justified in defending her right to wear whatever she please without having to dodge insults from colleagues, the whole fiasco came across as painfully awkward.

Rylan reportedly made the comments during a commercial break, much to Holly’s dismay, and thus the squabble spilled over into a broadcast segment.

Perhaps the dynamic daytime duo were trying to publicly shame Rylan for his glib insults.

Perhaps they just thought it was funny.


Frankly, the playground tactics and childish squabbles aren’t the stuff of daytime television and the ‘dirty’ laundry should probably not have been aired.

Well, off the air.