Holly Willoughby Has Famous Sister And No One Can Believe It


Holly Willoughby has a famous sister and nobody seems to know about it.

The TV presenter’s sister, Kelly, who is two years older than Holly, is an author who also works in the television industry.

Kelly has previously said in an interview she and her sister were like ‘chalk and cheese’ growing up.

Kelly Willoughby/Instagram

Kelly has co-written a children’s book collection, School For Stars, alongside Holly.

On Holly’s 37th Birthday, Kelly shared a gorgeous throwback snap of the pair, along with the caption:

Happy birthday hollywilloughby…my best friend when I’m in trouble, my big sis when I’m sad, and my little sis when it’s time to be naughty!


On International Women’s Day, on March 8, Holly paid tribute to Kelly, and their mother in a throwback Instagram post.

She wrote:

Happy International Women’s Day to these two power house women in my life… my mother and my sister… love you both!

In an interview with The Guardian, Holly said she looked up to Kelly when they were growing up.

Telling them:

I remember the first night she stayed out and the first night she went to a party and got back late. She was really good with me. Not the older-sister stereotype at all. She’d be on her way out the house with friends and I’d stand at the door and say: ‘Can I come with you?’

Most sisters would say: ‘No, I refuse to babysit you while I’m out.’ But she always allowed me to come along. I would love to say I’d have done the same thing, but I’m not sure I would have.

We’re more like friends than sisters. We even bought a place together in Putney. You would expect some fireworks, but because we have the same friends and have different roles within that group, none of that ever came into it.

Anyone know about this?