Holly Willoughby Plans To Deliver Baby Live On This Morning


BREAKING NEWS: Holly Willoughby has revealed to the world that she will be helping deliver a baby live on This Morning

The 35-year-old mother of three made the gestation revelation earlier today, announcing that she plans to do so during the This Morning maternity special on December 7, reports The Sun.

Clearly not one to worry about getting her hand’s dirty, Holly exclaimed ‘I’ll be on hand’ before going onto explain that she will be working alongside other midwives at a nearby maternity ward.

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She added:

We know one is born every minute but we’re hoping one will be born on the show and I’ll be on hand.

Plus we’ll be going on the road with midwives and celebrating the wonderful work that they do – Wednesday on This Morning.

I am going on to a maternity ward and hopefully someone will let me speak to some women who are in labour to get a vibe of what it is like on a ward.

There may well be a baby born on This Morning.

Although it’s ground-breaking news for babies everywhere chances are the little baba born live on TV won’t be the most famous child ever born in December. That being either I or Jesus Christ.


But still. That’s some time to get your fifteen minutes of fame. Out of the womb, projected directly onto television screens across the globe.

What a time to be alive.