Holly Willoughby Roasted By Alan Carr While Giving Award At BAFTAs


Holly Willoughby has become a professional in handling gaffs on live TV, but she was taken by surprise when Alan Carr swooped in with a jab while they were presenting a BAFTA award.

After introducing the award for Virgin TV Must See Moments, the Chatty Man jibed that ‘they should have waited until tomorrow when you will no doubt be pissed on This Morning again’.

The 36-year-old This Morning presenter and her counterpart Phillip Schofield have form for presenting their show drunk after TV award ceremonies.

Here’s the moment at last night’s BAFTAS…

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Clearly shocked and a bit red in the face, Holly looked down and joked ‘the shame!’.

Then Carr, who famously drinks with the guests on his talk show, said:

I think being drunk on TV cheapens the art, if truth be told.

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The most memorable hungover show from Holly and Phillip was when they appeared wearing the same clothes from the night before having not been home after the National Television Awards.

Bleary-eyed and slurring their words, the pair were hilariously still stumbled their way through the broadcast.

They did it back in 2012 too…

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Alan didn’t quite make the watershed when he swore, but they both played the situation very cool and laughed it off.

Viewers were hoping for a hungover show this morning, but alas Holly seemed to prove Carr wrong.