Holly Willoughby Shocked By Bizarre Frank Lampard Confession


What happens in the men’s locker room, stays in the men’s locker room – unless you’re Frank Lampard.

The former Chelsea player opened up on some pretty intimate details after captain John Terry exposed his grooming secrets on Play To The Whistle.

If you ever wanted to know whether Frank Lampard shaves his tackle, then your very specific dream has come true.


While discussing modern men’s grooming habits, the 38-year-old was asked by host Holly Willoughby if he was a fan of the intimate shave.

Lampard said: “I’ll admit I’ve had a phase where I went completely shaven all over but I grew out of it. But JT has found it later on in his life and he shaves all his legs and everything.”

Hitting back, John told Willoughby: “Frank is the biggest groomer I’ve ever met. He shaves everything.”

Lifting up his leg and pretending to shave his undercarriage, he added: “I have found him like this in the dressing room.”


For a host who spent years beside Keith Lemon, you wouldn’t think such a confession would leave Willoughby shocked – but it did.

She said:

I was totally surprised by that, of course. I was not expecting him [Lampard] to say it at all.

When that sort of thing happens, you just go, ‘Well this is great because I can just sit back and enjoy this now.

Now you know.

Frank Lampard is a goalscoring and grooming machine.