Holly Willoughby’s Latest Instagram Picture Has Everyone Asking The Same Question


Holly Willoughby recently became the envy of the television viewing audiences when she shared her This Morning sofa with the Love Island lads.

Holly took to Instagram to document her ‘Shit day in the office’ alongside ITV2‘s Sam Gowland, Rykard Jenkins, Nathan Jospeh and Simon Searles. But it wasn’t the half-naked reality TV Casanovas that had social media users asking questions.

You can watch Nathan dishing the dirt on This Morning in the clip below:

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Reality TV aside, Instagram observers took the opportunity to, once again, comment of the 36-year-old National Treasure’s body weight, with one user, uklongjohn1, asking: “Looking so thin holly why [sic].”

Another aptly-named user, gobshitescotty, said: “Your curves.. boobs.. just gone”, adding a sad faced emoji for good measure.

S#@t day at the office… #loveisland ?❤️☀️

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Despite literally no one asking them, these guys still think it’s okay to pass comment on a woman’s weight – and whether a woman is deemed ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’, it feels like the entire female sex can simply do no right when it comes to our bodies.

That, of course, is bullshit peddled by people who don’t realise the female form can fluctuate for a number of different reasons – the least natural of all being her own personal journey to fitness.

Luckily, for every ignorant comment, there were ten congratulating Holy on looking ‘amazing’ and ‘fabulous’ and doing what makes her happy. Many even asked for Holly’s fitness regime, inspired by her physique.

Never change, Holly – unless you want to!