Horror Movie With $0-Budget Has Topped US Box Office

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Jun 2020 16:00
Horror Movie With $0-Budget Has Topped US Box OfficeJake Wisotsky

A horror movie with a budget of $0 has topped the US box office and made over $25,000 in one day.

With blockbuster movies like No Time To Die, A Quite Place: Part II and Black Widow being postponed due to the ongoing health crisis, actor and YouTuber Eric Tabach, alongside filmmaker Christian Nilsson, decided to use this to their advantage.


The pair created the film Unsubscribed, a 29-minute horror movie shot entirely on Zoom, which starred Netflix’s Ozark actor Charlie Tahan, a.k.a. Wyatt Langmore, and was shot in just five days.

MovieJake Wisotsky

Adding to the strangeness of the situation, the film was only screened in one cinema for one day and watched by just two people.

Proving its success, Unsubscribed sat pretty at the top of the US Box Office on June 10, beating the likes of Becky and The Wretched, according to Box Office Mojo.


So, with the likes of Warner Bros., Marvel, Lionsgate and other big budget studios spending millions of dollars on their box-office-topping movies, how on earth did a film with a $0-budget do so well?

Make yourself comfortable and I will explain.

BoxOfficeBox Office Mojo

Tabach and Nilsson used the savvy sales technique known as ‘four-walling’ and took full advantage of their film only being screened in one cinema.


Tabach explained to BBC News:

Four-walling is when distributors rent out a movie theatre and buy all the seats. So they pay a flat fee to the theatre, and any money they make off seats goes straight into their pockets. The moment we realised that was an option of distribution, we went for it.

I noticed that the box office figures were absurd; $9,000, $15,000 for each movie. Nothing big was coming out. Blockbuster films were on hold. I wanted to find a way to get the biggest number.

By Tabach and Nilsson watching their own movie, they made a decent profit all while getting their film to the top of the Box Office.

Movie Jake Wisotsky

Speaking about getting Unsubscribed to the number one spot, Tabach said:

[IMDb, owners of Box Office Mojo] kept rejecting us, saying there was no proof so we sent them pictures of the actors, but they kept on doubting the entire thing. When media outlets started reporting about the film, it was eventually approved.

Now it’s officially number one on IMDb, which is crazy. It was number one for 10 June.

Insane or genius? I’ll let you decide.

Unsubscribed is currently available to watch on streaming platform Vimeo


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