How Well Do You Know Will Ferrell’s Elf?

New Line Cinema

It’s an unarguable fact, like gravity or water being wet, that the last truly great Christmas film released was Jon Favreau’s wonderful movie Elf.

Of course I’m positive that everyone reading this is on the ‘Nice’ list and has seen the movie the usual seven to seventy times by now. In fact I’ve no doubt that you think you know the film pretty well.

But how well do you know it?

Well as it’s Christmas, a time for fun and games we’ve put together a fiendish Elf quiz to see if you know the movie as well as you think you do or whether you sit on a throne of lies.

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

More of a concept than a journalist, Tom Percival was forged in the bowels of Salford University from which he emerged grasping a Masters in journalism. Since then his rise has been described by himself as ‘meteoric’ rising to the esteemed rank of Social Editor at UNILAD as well as working at the BBC, Manchester Evening News, and ITV. He credits his success to three core techniques, name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake.