Iain Lee Responds To Bullying Accusations After Behind The Scenes Footage Released


Radio DJ Iain Lee has hit back at his I’m A Celeb campmates after being made aware of comments made behind his back.

Despite earlier dismissing allegations of bullying Lee has since backtracked tweeting that he hadn’t seen the comments made behind his back or the ones made by his campmates when they left the jungle.

And while he still admits that the word ‘bullying’ is a bit strong he made it clear he did not enjoy people talking about him behind his back.


His comments come after fan outrage at the behaviour of Amir Khan, Rebeckah Vardy and Dennis Wise, all of whom could be seen allegedly celebrating his eviction from the jungle while on the spin-off show Coming Out.

Lee’s followers were quicker to condemn the three…

Amir, Rebekah and Dennis have all denied the allegations and insisted they were all close friends in the jungle.

Rebekah also rejected the idea her and the boys were ‘celebrating’ Iain’s loss.

She tweeted:

You have no idea what we were shaking hands over.

It was absolutely nothing to do with Iain and was about who we thought would win out of Iain and Toff if you’re making an accurate guess.

When Rebekah left the jungle and was told of the allegations, she claimed she was being the most supportive of him and that she’d never bullied anyone in her whole life.

Fans, however, were outraged at what they saw as a vindictive campaign of bullying.

When Dennis Wise left the jungle, Rebekah was in tears as she described the ‘sh*t storm’ surrounding their behaviour in the camp.

She said:

I came out to the biggest s**t storm. And you know I don’t get upset about things and you know I’m really strong but I actually cried in the car.

It really upset me. Something so strong has been said about not just me.

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For his part, Iain initially downplayed the rumours of bullying and insisted he was friends with Dennis, Amir and Rebekah while also claiming he had no ‘bad blood’ with Jamie Lomas.

Doubt that’s true now…