Idris Elba Drops Huge Hint He Is The Next James Bond


Tom Hardy may have the bookies vote when it comes to winning the role of our next James Bond, but we shouldn’t be tossing Idris Elba off the list just yet.

In case you missed it, Elba is currently participating in a charity campaign with Omaze for Valentine’s Day. If you make a donation to help girls in Sierra Leone go to school, you have a chance at winning a date with the actor on February 14.

To prepare, Idris Elba enlisted the help of a few pint-sized players to get some expert advice. And he dropped a huge Bond-related bombshell in the process.


Asking his primary school love experts who’d they’d like to go on a Valentine’s date with, Elba was met with responses of ‘Olly Murs’, ‘Ariana Grande’, and ‘James Bond’.

Purposely written into the script or not, the topic was there. And we were all listening with eager ears.

So what was Elba’s reaction?

Translation: Yes, I am your new James Bond.

Or not, he didn’t actually say anything, so we’re nowhere closer to knowing – unless you happen to have a knack for analysing stone-cold poker faces.

Unfortunately for die-hard Elba fans though, he’s probably just toying with the prospect.

The actor has repeatedly told journalists that he has not been approached by the studios, and in an interview earlier this month, he told Business Insider: “I don’t know anything. Nothing, there’s no update whatsoever.”

Skip to 2:52 to see Elba drop the ‘hint’:

As for whether or not the 44-year-old will actually be taking on the role, we won’t officially know until MGM studios, who produce the Bond films, announce their new 007.

Until then, all we can do is go back to speculating.