If Leo Wins The Oscar, Thousands Of People Plan To Party In London

by : UNILAD on : 28 Feb 2016 14:57

A lot of people are really keen to see Leonardo DiCaprio finally win an Academy Award tonight but perhaps nobody will be as happy as these devotees in London if he gets his hands on that statuette.


If Leo nabs the Oscar for his lead role in The Revenant, there are apparently plans for thousands of his fans to descend on Leicester Square and celebrate.

According to Konbini, a Facebook group organising the party in celebration of his win has spawned almost 25,000 attendees.

We guess the plan is for this lot to party like they’re Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street.


Writing on the Facebook page, the group say:

To support London’s love for Leo not only have we changed the name of ODEON Leicester Square to LEODEON, but to reward the fans we’ll be putting on two free screenings of Titanic and Romeo & Juliet at ODEON Leicester Square from midnight on Sunday on a first come, first serve basis. Fans are welcome to join us as we await to hear the news of Leo’s Oscar win!

In conjunction with other events that will be taking place in Barcelona, Madrid and Dublin, we decided to host a national gathering in London and show our support for Leo. Spread the word and make this go viral. C’mon, let’s go crazy together!

Celebrate the impossible!

We’ll find out if Leo gets the award everyone so desperately want him to win, at the 88th Academy Awards this evening.

The real question though, is whether these thousands of Londoners stay true to their promise to party the night away if and when he does.

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    Thousands Of Londoners Are Partying In Leicester Square If Leo Wins His Oscar