I’m A Celeb Fans Want Nick Knowles Kicked Out For Controversial Comments

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For his luxury item – apart from the pillow – it appears Nick Knowles has brought along his tinfoil hat to the jungle, and viewers are far from impressed.

The 56-year-old TV presenter sparked nationwide face-palming when he continually insisted the 1969 moon landings had been faked, despite camp clever-clogs Anne Hegarty presenting fact after fact to the contrary.

Fans were infuriated by his surprisingly poor reasoning skills when faced by the embodiment of logic that is The Governess.

Some viewers are now even calling for him to be booted out of the jungle altogether, although, if we follow Nick’s line of thinking, how do we know the jungle is even real in the first place…?

An exasperated Anne initially tried to explain to Nick how the Russians had been tracking Apollo 11 and would have definitely said something if it hadn’t made it to the moon.

However, Nick was clearly prepared to die on the preposterous hill he’d built himself, stating:

Around the outside of the Earth is the Van Allen belt which is massively radioactive and the argument is you would have to build a spacecraft out of lead in order to protect the astronauts.

To this, Anne said:

Except you are going through it quite fast, it need not have that massive effect.

It was at this point Nick launched a tirade of ‘questions’ into one of the most extraordinary events in human history:

Then what about the other questions, on their chests they wore the cameras on which they took the photographs of the moon, it was a chest mounted camera, in which was Kodak film, as you know there is no atmosphere on the moon in direct sunlight it is something like 200 degrees yet Kodak film has an operating field of like 130 degrees yet amazingly it all worked.

Also the moon landing photographs, it appears to be lit from two sides can you explain that?

Using her sturdy bat of hard-earned knowledge, Anne was able to easily knock these ramblings out of the park:

You are getting sunlight and then you are getting sunlight bouncing back from the earth.

If the whole thing is fake what do you think happened to Apollo 1, the one that caught fire on the launch pad, I mean if there were never going to actually go…?

Like many a conspiracy theorist before him, Nick only became more firm in his beliefs the more they were shown to be utter poppycock, stating:

The reason was the Russians had already got into orbit and circulated the Earth inside the Van Allen belt so the only way they could top it was to go to the moon and back.

When they discovered they couldn’t the only way to do it was to fake it.

Twitter quickly erupted with a collective sigh of frustration, with viewers just about done with Nick’s musings.

One person tweeted:

From day 1, @MrNickKnowles was my pick to win #ImACeleb.  And then came the moon landing stuff. [sic]

Like every conspiracy theorist, all he could do was regurgitate illogical lines he’d read on a sketchy website. Anne had an answer for all of his points, he didn’t address any of hers

Another said:

Glad Anne is still in the camp while Nick Knowles was claiming the moon landing was all fake – to discuss intelligently back at his craziness. Do you think Nick also believes the Earth is flat? #ImACeleb [sic]

Nick Knowles? More like Nick Know When To Give Up…

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