I’m A Celeb Star Hits Back At Bullying Claims In Brutal Fashion


I’m a celeb evictee and BBC Radio DJ, Danny Baker has responded to bullying claims in the most brutal of ways. 

According to The Mirror, Danny slammed down hard on jungle companion, Martin Roberts, claiming that he ’embarrassed himself’ in the camp. The DJ laid into The Homes under the Hammer presenter, because he ignored Gogglebox star Scarlett’s request for water for the camp.

The row left poor Martin and tears and caused footballer Wayne Bridge to square upto Danny to confront him about his behaviour.


Speaking out for the first time, Danny said: 

Martin thought it was a show where everyone goes in and causes fireworks.

He thought ‘right, I’m going to be the one who doesn’t stand for that’. And I think he embarrassed himself by that. He thought ‘I’ll make this Martin presents I’m A Celebrity, with a full supporting cast’.


He continued:

For a bloke to turn around and say he’s the victim in all this, that’s passive aggressive nonsense.

Maybe he cried. But I’m not responsible for that. It’s not my fault a bloke breaks down and cries after I’ve picked him up because he’s having a go at one of the girls in there.

Some might say that’s symptomatic of something else, when you’re pulled up on it don’t say ‘I’m the victim!’

If a bloke is having a go at a young girl and patronising her, and she’s not got the guts to come back, I think any man will step in and say ‘shut up’.

It comes after the National Bullying Helpline pointed the finger at Danny and Scarlett, accusing them of bullying Martin.

Danny responded to these allegations with:

If people want to say that’s bullying, they can – but I’m afraid it’s not bullying in the world I come from. Is it confrontational? Yes. But when you pull someone up, you don’t brood about it.

I didn’t see him crying and breaking down, but it was self-inflicted as far as I was concerned.

If he was crying because I turned around and said ‘stop shouting at that young girl’ then he needed to play the game. Leave your ego at the door.


However severe this appeared on our TV screens, Danny admitted that the pair did make up after the row.

He said:

I ain’t someone who goes behind the bushes and says ‘what’s wrong with him?’ or sits in the Bush Telegraph and says things behind his back.

I’ll just say it to his face. You lance the boil and the next morning we were both sitting together again.


Definitely made for awkward viewing, but I’m glad the duo have made amends.