I’m A Celeb Walk The Plank Trial Called Out As Fake


The time is here, folks, I’m A Celeb is back and ready to entertain us all the way till Christmas.

Something about I’m A Celeb seems to capture the imagination of the nation in a way which is only matched by Love Island or Gogglebox.

Whether people watch it to see some Z-list celebrity they have a crush on or they just like seeing And and Dec make their trademark jibes, people tune in in their millions.


As long term fans of the show will know, the chaos gets underway with the celebs undertaking terrifying tasks before they even enter the jungle.

There’s the classic helicopter jump, and then there’s the walk the plank, which takes place on an impossibly high building. Or does it?

Fans have noticed a mistake that was more than a little off when watching the first episode last night.

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It all went a bit awry when the celebs were made to walk out on the red plank on top of a massive building, battling their own balance and the billowing winds atop the structure.

But there was a notable blunder during that scene which has caused fans to question whether the scene – and indeed the whole show – is fake.

It was first picked up by Facebook user Tom Smith, who took a screenshot and captioned:

Bottom left that woman’s rather large considering she’s 320 plus foot lower than the celebs!!!

Bottom left that woman's rather large considering she's 320 plus foot lower than the celebs!!! 😏😏

Posted by Tom Smith on Sunday, 19 November 2017

The post has been shared tens of thousands of times at the time of writing, and has fans discussing just what’s going on in the picture.

One user wrote:

So that first episode was boring and also fake?

Another also pointed out aside from the strange woman on the ground, it’s very conspicuous that the other celebs are nowhere to be seen on the building watching.

Obviously, there could be some explanation for these errors in the shot, but it does seem just a little bit fishy.


That still hasn’t stopped fans loving the new series and picking their winner of the show already.

It’s only taken one episode but it seems the Great British public has chosen its winner of I’m A Celebrity already.

One hour and 45 minutes into the new series and Stanley Johnson has already emerged as fans’ favourite to win the entire thing.


It seems pretty obvious where Boris Johnson gets his buffoon-like charm from as his old man Stanley has already got people talking about just how funny he is.

Of course, Stanley isn’t the Foreign Secretary putting British nationals’ lives at risk abroad but he seems to possess the very same sort of charm that has led his son to such success in the political sphere.

Stanley began the series not knowing who legendary I’m A Celeb hosts Ant and Dec were, which fans absolutely loved:

So at least we have great contestants to distract us from the obvious and salient fact we’re being lied to.

It’s good to have the show back.