Incredible Reason Why Simon From The Walking Dead Looks So Damn Familiar


From the moment Simon made his debut on The Walking Dead, there’s been a disturbing air of familiarity about Negan’s brutal right-hand man…

Steven Ogg, the guy who plays Simon is a classic ‘that guy’. If you’re like me you’re convinced you’ve seen him in something… somewhere, but you just can’t put your finger on it.

At first I thought that bizarre banjo playing legend Curtis Eller had hung up his four string and taken up acting (if you haven’t heard of Curtis check him out) but sadly (just for me) I was wrong.

Check out Simon in this memorable scene:

But now the niggling mystery has been solved by our good friends over at Looper.

Prepare to be amazed by where you’ve seen that distinguished face before – and we’re not talking about Mail Order Bride…

That’s right, Ogg only plays bloody Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V! 

Brilliantly providing both motion capture and voice work for everyone’s favourite bank-robbing meth-chef Trevor Phillips, Ogg told Buzzfeed:

I have been so thrilled that the GTA fans have responded so positively to the performance.

They have enjoyed his impulsive, psychopathic nature but have revelled in his humour.

With cameo appearances in three-times-cancelled detective drama Unforgettable and Person Of Interest, Ogg really honed his particular brand of on-screen crazy that Walking Dead fans have taken to.

Ogg made a great appearance in Broad City:

With an appearance as an awesomely creepy locksmith on Broad City a memorable scene in season one of Better Call Saul and a role in Westworld under his belt it’s pretty likely you will have seen him around.

If not then the 2016 series of tongue-in-cheek Old Spice ads where Ogg plays ‘King of products’ Bob Giovanni may ring a bell…

Either way, that face…