Indiana Jones Actor Defends Character As ‘Not A Paedophile’ For ‘Sinister’ Movie Dialogue

by : Julia Banim on : 09 Jun 2021 16:55
Indiana Jones Actor Defends Character As 'Not A Paedophile' For 'Sinister' Movie DialogueParamount Pictures

Karen Allen, who starred in Raiders of the Lost Ark, has defended the character of Indiana Jones, stating that the archaeologist was ‘not a paedophile’.

Allen played Marion Ravenwood in the 1981 movie, an adventurous and firey woman who is introduced as a former love interest of Jones from many years ago.


Although their shared history is kept pretty vague, it’s implied that Ravenwood would have been about 16 years old at the time of their last meeting, while Jones would have been in his late twenties.

Indiana Jones (Paramount Pictures)Paramount Pictures

During one heated scene, Ravenwood calls Jones out on his past behaviour towards him, exclaiming, ‘I was a child! I was in love! It was wrong and you knew it!’

Jones is shown not to harbour any guilt over this past encounter, telling Ravenwood, ‘You knew what you were doing.’


In the years since the movie was released, many fans have felt uncomfortable about the age gap between the pair and the implications of Jones knowing their relationship was ‘wrong’.

Marion Ravenwood (Paramount Pictures)Paramount Pictures

Allen has now opened up about her own interpretation of the connection between the pair, which she doesn’t regard to be as sinister as some believe.

During an interview with UPROXX, Allen said:


Yeah, I guess you could say that. I think I say I was 16. I don’t know. That’s always what I imagined is she was 16, he was 26. And he was her father’s student. And it’s left very mysterious.

She continued:

So we don’t even know what it is. I mean, they could have kissed a few times, and she was just completely bowled over, and he could have just not wanted to get involved with someone so young. And maybe my father would have been furious at him.

I mean, what’s great about it is we don’t know what the circumstances are. So she obviously cared deeply for him. He may have cared for her, too. But, in the end, decided it was a dangerous situation and he didn’t want to be involved.

She added, ‘I mean, I guess, when something is as vague as that, you can colour it any way you want to colour it. I’ve tended to colour it, sort of, that it was quite innocent. When she says, ‘It was wrong and you knew it.’ I mean, I think maybe he led her on in some way. But when she says she was a child, I think she meant she was 16. Something like that.’

Marion Ravenwood (Paramount Pictures)Paramount Pictures

Allen went on to clarify:

I don’t think of him as a paedophile. That’s the direction some of these people are going.

Of course, Marion returned for the fourth instalment of the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and – spoiler alert – actually marries Indiana, so there’s clearly nothing untoward between the two characters.


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