Internet Loved Gary Lineker’s ‘Anchorman’ Autocue F*ck Up At Sport Relief


Gary Lineker is nothing if not a professional. After all, even shitting himself on the pitch during his footballing days couldn’t stop him from doing his job.

Nowadays, good old Gary is also a bit of a pro at this whole presenting thing, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t guilty of the occasional on air screw up from time to time.

Last night, the former footballer was at the helm of Sport Relief alongside comedian David Walliams, when he got just a little bit carried away while reading out his lines on the autocue.

After introducing Danny Dyer’s segment, most presenters would stop talking and let the next segment begin. But not Gary – he just kept on going.

See if you can spot where the Match Of The Day man went wrong here…

Gary said:

Here is a man that knows only too well how important that cause is: Danny Dyer. When Sport Relief asked me to go to Sierra Leone… Oh that’s Danny’s bit. Sorry Danny, I just carried on going there!

Live TV, hey? You gotta love it.

Even so, casually reading out part of a super emotional speech encouraging people to donate money for the cause? That’s really awkward.

And co-host Walliams didn’t help when Gary tried to recover, sticking the boot in, saying:

You didn’t go to Sierra Leone, you were sitting at home. Alright, you’ve dug yourself a hole, just shut up.

He couldn’t resist another playful dig at Lineker on Twitter after the show either:

And he wasn’t the only one.

The Internet got quite the kick out of Gary’s gaffe too, with many pointing out its similarity to a Ron Burgundy moment in Anchorman:

Lineker’s screw up wasn’t the only bizarre moment of the evening, but despite some of the cock ups, the evening raised a record £55 million for charity.