Is This The Rudest Question In The History Of The Chase?

by : Francesca Donovan on : 19 Oct 2016 15:35

The Chase is known for its tongue-in-cheek multiple choice questions which have entertained ITV‘s family audience over the years.

Yesterday, however, one game show participant got a taste of televised stand up when a question raised some eyebrows and had Bradley Walsh in stitches.


Cat was asked the seemingly innocent question, ‘Which of these is a variety of cheese?’

When the options were revealed, hilarity ensued.

The contestant was asked to select one of the three options: Abbot’s Gold, Bishop’s Sunshine or Vicar’s Blue Veined, at which point the audience began to titter.


She opted for Abbot’s gold, steering clear of the Vicar’s veiny offerings, saying:

It sounded nice.

It was the one I’d be most interested in trying.

She was right, in more ways than one, and the Twittersphere got a real kick out of the tongue-in cheek humour, with one commenting, ‘Love it when Bradley loses it.’


Even the usually steely Chaser, Ann – otherwise known as The Governess – joined in and cracked a smile.

But she’ll be used to the almost SFW content now, with innuendo cropping up almost daily.

Perhaps the writers are more concerned with chasing YouTube clicks than intellect.


Either way, I’m glad for the mildly amusing knob joke and eagerly await more cheese-related banter on daytime television.

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