It’s Been 15 Years Since The Most Brutal Saw Trap Ever

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It’s been 15 years since the release of Saw III – and it features the most brutal trap in the franchise’s history.

James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s first Saw entry doesn’t deserve the ‘torture porn’ label the series is often slapped with. It was pulpy and gory, but its violence was somewhat low-key, with the reverse-bear trap and something as simple as a shackle between a man’s leg and a pipe still among modern horror’s most iconic moments.


The later films indulged in unimaginably grisly, visceral set-pieces, from the needle pit and razor box in Saw II, to the almost-hilariously elaborate, horrific horsepower trap in Saw 3D. However, 15 years on from the third movie, one trap reigns above them all.

The Rack Saw III. (Lionsgate)Lionsgate

Saw III follows Jeff (Angus Macfadyen), a grief-stricken man still battling sadness and fury over the death of his son, who was killed by a drunk driver. He’s forced to participate in a lengthy game by Jigsaw (John Kramer) in which he confronts a number of people involved in the incident.

The third test sees him face his son’s killer, Timothy (Mpho Koaho), who’s locked in a contraption Jigsaw refers to as ‘The Rack’, which just so happens to be his personal favourite.


‘The human body is a miraculous creation. Ever wonder how far the arm can twist? This device is going to start twisting. There is a chance he might live though, with your help,’ his tape says.

The Rack in Saw III. (Lionsgate)Lionsgate

‘To your right is a box. At the back of the box is a key. It’s tied to the trigger of a shotgun. The question you have to ask yourself is this: are you willing to take a bullet for the man who killed your son? Does ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ apply here, Jeff? Make your choice.’

Initially, Jeff watches Timothy wail in agony as the trap twists his arms. However, in an effort to save him, he retrieves the key from the box, which sets off the shotgun and accidentally kills Judge Halden (Barry Flatman) in the firing line. Despite running to Timothy as the device twists his head, he fails to save him and kneels before his corpse.


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Okay, if you want to watch it, here’s the clip – obvious graphic content warning: 

In an earlier interview with Vulture, Koaho recalled having to ‘scream his head off’ for five days on The Rack. ‘It was not nearly as uncomfortable as one would assume – it was actually very pleasant. I was not hampered in any way. It was actually very comfortable, believe it or not,’ he said.

‘The leg strap didn’t bother me. The arm strap wasn’t chafing my skin. The experience was probably the most fun that I’ve had on set. But I had to make everybody think it was the most agonising sh*t ever. When we were doing the post-arm-breaking shots, they would put on a prosthetic and we would augment my arm as though it had been broken.’


To the Saw fans, you’re welcome. To anyone else, I’m sorry for probably ruining your day.

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