It’s Impossible To Gross Out Ryan Reynolds On Twitter It Seems

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It goes without saying that Ryan Reynolds has a rapier-style wit but even we’re shocked at how he responds to his filthy mouthed fans. 

Lets not forget this is the bloke who plays the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool, and it was Reynolds who came up with some of the film’s more creative insults, including ‘wheezing bag of dick-tips,’ so the fact he doesn’t go on a foul mouthed rant is pretty surprising.

Being an A-list celeb means Reynolds gets propositioned on Twitter – quite a lot, in fact. Luckily, the star is more than equipped to deal with any would-be stalkers, but not in a way you’d expect.


Here’s a selection of Ryan’s funniest tweets…

ryan tweet 2Twitter

Who really posts stuff like this on Twitter?

ryan tweet 3

Mrs Deadpool has a mouth on her it seems…
ryan tweet 4

No thank you….

ryan tweet 1

He’s a pious man…

ryan tweet 11

Ryan doesn’t approve of murder…

ryan tweet 10

So forgiving…

ryan tweet 9

Such an attentive grandson…

ryan tweet 8

He’s busy…

ryan tweet 7

An environmentalist as well!

ryan tweet 6

Wait, what?

ryan tweet 5

Yeah, the Internet is a very strange place, isn’t it?