ITV’s Cheat Is The New Psychological Drama That Will Freak You Out


If there’s been a psychological drama-shaped hole in your TV schedule recently, then ITV have got you covered with a brand new series.  

Cheat follows the story of university professor Leah (Katherine Kelly), who thinks student Rose (Molly Windsor) is cheating in her work.

Rather than simply knocking her down a grade or two, the pair’s relationship becomes dangerous, and the situation quickly crumbles into chaos.

ITV new drama CheatITV

The official synopsis for the show reads:

University lecturer Dr Leah Dale has always prided herself on her academic integrity so when final year student Rose, submits a suspiciously top-grade essay, Leah is quick to call her out.

But there’s more going on than meets the eye as Rose takes the challenge as a personal affront.

What begins as a seemingly open and shut case of academic deception, quickly spirals out of control, ending in fatal consequences.

Instead of making us wait a whole week between each new episode of the series, ITV have adhered to our love of binge-watching and will air the four episodes of Cheat over the next four days, with the first instalment hitting our screens tonight.

Screening the episodes consecutively is a clever move by the broadcaster; it’s presumably a scheduling decision made to challenge the appeal of instant streaming services like Netflix, by giving viewers a place to turn for entertainment every night of the week. The BBC recently did the same thing with Luther.

The dramatic storyline is sure to keep viewers hooked throughout the week, as ITV’s head of drama, Polly Hill, said in a press release:

Cheat is a fiendishly engaging four part drama which I’m delighted to commission from screenwriting newcomer, Gaby Hull.

It’s a tense and taut thriller packed with intriguing plot that promises to have audiences on the edge of their seat.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, actor Kelly explained there’s many moments which will take the audience by surprise.

ITV new drama cheatITV

She said:

On the face of it, Cheat is about a student essay that has been ghost-written by someone else.

So, to begin with it’s about plagiarism. But the story quickly moves on from there and explores the theme of being a ‘cheat’ rather than that particular incident.

ITV new drama CheatITV

Kelly continued:

It eats plot and I mean that in a really complimentary way. It’s such a rollercoaster and it’d been a long time since I’d read a script like that.

You know it’s a thriller and you know we’re in that genre, but you don’t feel the twists and turns coming.

Bring it on!

Cheat will air tonight on ITV at 9pm. 

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