Jack Whitehall Confronted By Audience Member Over Graham Norton Appearance

Jack Whitehall left embarrassed by audience member. BBC

Cheeky, chatty and not afraid to tease guests silly, Jack Whitehall was the perfect guest host in Graham Norton’s absence.

However, the 30-year-old comedian found himself in a very sticky situation when an audience member called him out on his ‘rude’ behaviour on the very same show eight years ago.

Audience member Celine was the very first person to sit on The Graham Norton Show’s ‘big red chair’ that evening, and she appeared delighted to be finally getting her payback.

After Jack introduced her, Celine was practically rubbing her hands together as she confessed she had sat in the chair before:

Well, this is my second visit to the red chair, actually. I was here eight years ago. And I told a story that I thought was really good, about when I was living in France and something happened with my daughter.

However, a certain guest on the sofa that night really did not like my story and he was rather rude.

He actually said ‘is that the best story she could come up with? Who does she bloody think she is?’

She continued:

Funnily enough, my daughter met this person at a nightclub recently.

The dawning realization on Jack’s face as he twigged he was the person she was speaking about (‘Oh my god, it’s me!’) was hilarious.

A-List guests Gwendoline Christie, Luke Evans, Peter Crouch, David Walliams and Sam Fender couldn’t control their amusement as Jack squirmed with embarrassment, clapping a hand over his mouth.

After ejecting a Celine from the chair, Jack said:

Oh, that was so awkward.

Oops. Despite this hiccup, fans of the show were very impressed by Jack filling in for Graham, with some arguing that he was an even better host than the Irish funnyman.

One person tweeted:

Sorry but the Graham Norton show is much more funnier with @jackwhitehall at the helm. Please get a talk show of your own and take over the telly!!

Another said:

Graham Norton might be joining Jeremy Kyle at the job centre next week. Jack Whitehall is hilarious.

The Graham Norton Show airs on Fridays at 10.35pm on BBC One. Graham will be making his return next week.

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