Jackass’ Steve-O Reveals The Extreme Stunts Which Were Too Shocking To Air

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It’s hard to believe, but there are some stunts that even Jackass deemed too extreme for their fans to see.

Now, Steve-O has explained exactly what it takes for a stunt not to make the final cut for the gang, and yes, they’re exactly as brutal as you’d expect.

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Speaking during an appearance alongside co-star Wee-Man on First We Feast‘s Truth or Dab, Steve-O revealed there were ‘at least three’ specific stunts – all involving Johnny Knoxville, of course – that the cast had filmed, but later decided were too shocking to make it into the films. And it goes without saying that all of them come with a big fat ‘don’t try this at home’ label.

The first stunt Steve-O recalled was called ‘box down stairs’, and the chaos involved is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. For the stunt, Knoxville was locked in a box lined with pillows, and ‘rolled’ down a ‘huge flight of cement stairs’, which Steve-O described as being ‘violent as hell’.

Things got progressively more extreme from there, with Steve-O explaining that in the second stunt left on the cutting room floor, Knoxville literally shot himself with a ’38-calibre Smith and Wesson handgun’, wearing a bulletproof vest intended to protect wearers from shots from much further away than the length of your own arm.

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And finally, the film’s producers understandably decided that footage of Knoxville intentionally being hit by a car was probably to violent to be shown to audiences.

‘He said, ‘I’m Johnny Knoxville and I’m going to get hit by a car real soon’.’ Steve-O recalled. ‘[The] car just came flying, he went through the windshield, rolled over. They asked him, ‘What were you thinking when you got hit by a car?’ And his answer was, ‘I wore two pairs of jeans so that I’d be safe’.’

So while there are plenty of stunts ready to be revealed in the upcoming film Jackass Forever, now you know there are at least some things the cast decided were better left unseen.


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