Jaime Lannister Revealed Game Of Thrones Spoiler Two Years Ago But No One Noticed


Despite his slightly questionable behaviour on the show since episode one, Jaime Lannister has grown into a Game of Thrones fan favourite over the years.

The Kingslayer has grown to become a lovably conflicted man who all fans love to support.

At the beginning of the show, he’s the man whose evil deeds set in motion a chain of events that result in the entire War of the Five Kings.


But it seems that Jaime knew more about the events in Westeros than he was letting on, at least Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – the actor who plays Jaime – does.

He revealed a pretty juicy little piece of information on Conan a couple of years ago, and it completely passed everybody by.

Check it out:

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Missed it? It was pretty cryptic.

Near the end of the video, around 1:30, Nikolaj had this to say:

You know the dragons, and you know Jaime and Cersei – they have this incestuous relationship. Well, the dragons too.

Shit. We all know that the banner of House Targaryen is the Dragon. And we now also know that Daenerys and Jon are both under that house banner.

Game of ThronesHBO

Daenerys and Jon are aunt and nephew, and their steamy sex scene both delighted and disgusted fans with the incestuous truth.

Though this isn’t the first time a cast member has let slip a howling spoiler and nobody noticed. In a 2014 interview Sean Bean – Westeros’s GOAT, Ned Stark – dropped the bomb that Jon’s real father was yet to be revealed.

They’re playing with us like pawns in their Game of Thrones.