Jaime Lannister Reveals Major Game Of Thrones Characters To Become White Walkers


Warning: Game of Thrones Spoilers Ahead!

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Jaime Lannister has somehow become one of the most sympathetic characters in the whole of Game of Thrones.

When he rode off to the north at the end of season seven, most fans were pretty ecstatic that he was getting out from under the clutches of twin sister Cersei.

It’s not entirely clear what the final scene between Cersei and Jaime will result in for the final season, but it’s clear that there will be some repercussions from that less than happy ending.

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Well Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime, has revealed one major point about the final series that fans had undoubtedly been thinking about: the presence of main character White Walkers.

He told Esquire:

The fear is that I would be turned into one of those undead. That would suck. You know some of the main characters are going to get turned. There are going to be some blue-eyed main characters running around.


He continued:

And, god, I hope it’s not me. That’s three hours of make-up in the morning. I know that if David Benioff and Dan Weiss read this, they’ll go, “Oh, yes we will.”

He also revealed he’s almost certainly heading north to help with the battle against the White Walkers.

Perhaps more interestingly, he’s revealed that the remaining cast will be heading back over to Belfast for shooting in October, but there’s no telling how long the shooting will last.

It’s pretty much expected that we’re going to see some beloved characters make their way to King’s Landing in an undead state, but it still remains unclear how much the showrunners are going to rely on this for dramatic tension or just cheap emotions.

Game of ThronesHBO

Once or twice with some particularly poignant characters would be a really effective way of bringing out the horror of the situation, but further fan service – like this guy showing up – will see the show truly jump the shark.

Saying that, if they bring Hodor back as one of the undead, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch to the end. Poor Hodor!