Jake Gyllenhaal Facetimed Ryan Reynolds On TV And It Was Awesome

by : UNILAD on : 20 Mar 2017 16:45

Despite the fact Life has suffered some downright brutal reviews since its release only recently – one thing that the film has suceeded in is bringing Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds’ bromance to light.

Most things in Hollywood are scripted (pun intended) but after Jake facetimed Ryan live on Late Night with Seth Meyer’s – it sure looked like their friendship was legit.

Appearing on the show to talk about Life (the film), Meyers asked Jake give Ryan a call to prove that it isn’t just a typical celebrity media hoax.


Check it out below:

Immediately at this point I thought, ah – rehearsed, duh. But Ryan didn’t pick up immediately. No, it took Jake three attempts to get through but when he did – boy did it deliver.

Short but sweet. What more do you need in your life right now than watching Jake Gyllenhaal chatting to Ryan Reynolds like two normal dudes?

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In case for whatever reason you didn’t watch the video it basically involves a lot of laughing and Ryan explaining that he’s been pushing round his newly born daughter, Ines, before joking that he’s off to get lips done.

Just two regular dudes doing their regular things. Nothing more, nothing less.

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